We are a group of preservationists who are working to save the old Nichols Library building from destruction. We are seeking landmark status for this historic building, which for over a century has served as the gateway to Central Park and has been an important public building for generations of Naperville residents. Members of our group include historians, preservationists, architects, writers, marketing professionals, and concerned citizens.

It needs to be saved because:

  • It’s a beautiful building--it’s a classic example of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture. It’s a one of a kind.
  • It’s an iconic building, one that residents identify as quintessential Naperville.
  • It’s historically significant because it was bequeathed to the city by James L. Nichols, who was an important businessman and entrepreneur.
  • It’s one of a dwindling number of historic buildings left in the city—we need to stop the wanton destruction of our history.
  • It was designed by a well-known architect, M.E. Bell, who designed many government and municipal buildings and whose name appears on the capstone of the Washington Monument.
  • It was the City’s first public library—one of the earliest in DuPage County.
  • It is structurally sound and only needs minor upgrades.
  • It is on a site that still affords some much-needed greenspace downtown.