...was no longer functioning as a library. But, I noticed the building as something beautiful and knew it was something really special in my new hometown. The structure's  beautiful. Many people who grew up here and remember it as their library, have such fond memories of the place.

- Gail Diedrichsen

Mayor Pradel was out enjoying the Municipal Band Concert last night and the Save Old Nichols team chatted with him. With his permission, here are his comments and his smiling photo.

Mayor Pradel has regrets and wishes now he had the foresight to protect that building. He shared, "When I was in high school I studied there; I remember Miss Eggerman. I traipsed over there all the time! The library had such a warm atmosphere.

"My kids used to go there almost every night. The old library has served many many people; more than can be counted. 

I am kicking myself that I didn't save the Old Nichols Library. It’s the center of town and gathering place. What happens to that building will impact the park, the Y, the homes…everything.

I really think we are putting economic development ahead of people.

We owe it to James L. Nichols to save it to say, ‘Thank you very much for what you did for Naperville.’”

I remember taking my children there.  You could go if you lived in Downers Grove or Woodridge.

I remember going in.  The front desk was right there and someone would greet you.

Whenever I was missing, they would say, ‘She’s probably at the library!’

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