This option considers the larger context of Central Park, Old Nichols Library, the Performance pavilion and the surrounding streets. Option one creates a Memorial space to honor the History and Progress of Naperville and those who have contributed to making this city a lovely city to live in. It does so by the following:

  • Refurbishing the Old Nichols library, (a pioneer example of giving to the community) into a Naperville Memorial Welcome center. It will house offices for Naperville Chamber of commerce, Downtown association and representatives of key business and civic blocks of Naperville. It will serve as  gateway to the Downtown area and anybody can stop in there to seek detailed information about business, civic, cultural and real estate contacts. It will host town meetings and feature presentation of the city.
  • To protect the scale of Old Nichols from being dwarfed by the impending development, we propose a glass atrium 2 level transit  and cafe space. This space will serve as a larger lobby for the Nichols function, allow people from the north to cross the busy Washington street without traffic interruption by providing a nice glass ramp across the street. The cafe will also feature space for presentations and meetings etc.
  • There will be two larger developments which will be linked to each other and with a single large basement parking. The developments are broken down to two, to reduce the scale proportions of one large development. The first is a 6 level apartment building near to US bank and the second will be a mixed use office rental with small commercial activity on the first and second floor. Both will be access from the north parking with a shared atrium space
  • Lastly, there will be a redeveloped Central Park with monuments honoring the history and progress of Naperville. Fitted with seating areas, beautiful horticultural garden and water bodies as needed.