There are several ways you can help in saving the old Nichols Library. See below.

1. Attend Meetings and Information Sessions

Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word about the grassroots initiative in support of landmark status for Old Nichols Library Building. Landmark status was approved and is the first step toward Saving Old Nichols. Pay attention and stay involved with this process. It’s OK to keep your “Save Old Nichols” signs up. Thanks again!


Next meeting:

THURSDAY, JANUARY 25th, 7pm at Naperville Municipal Center, 400 S Eagle Street COME SUPPORT SAVE OLD NICHOLS!

In the meantime keep calling and emailing your City Council members!!!
Undecided council members are highlighted in blue in section 2.

Make your voice heard!!!  This is your town!!!

Keep checking back here for updates!  Sign up for emails using the button below.

2. Call Your City Council Members

Contact councilmembers and encourage them to keep Old Nichols Library. Members highlighted in blue are still undecided. Call them and tell them you want Old Nichols Library saved!

Becky Anderson, Councilwoman
(630) 305-5336
Rebecca Boyd-Obarski, Councilwoman
(630) 305-5334 
Judith Brodhead, Councilwoman
(630) 305-5335
Kevin Coyne, Councilman
(630) 305-5331
Patty Gustin, Councilwoman
(630) 305-5332
Paul Hinterlong, Councilman
(630) 305-5362 
John Krummen, Councilman
(630) 305-5333
Dr. Benjamin White, Councilman
(630) 305-5318 
Steve Chirico, Mayor
(630) 420-6018

3. Tell Your Friends & Neighbors

Spread the word!

4. Sign Our Petition

5. Like Us On Social Media

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