The developer proposes to completely demolish the Old Nichols Library building. In its place, he proposes to build a massive new 4-story mixed use “Nichol’s Place” development. He is proposing to reuse pieces of the façade of Old Nichols in a token effort reflect a portion of the Old Nichols façade.

To read the article regarding the proposal click the link below..
Positively Naperville Article on Proposed Nichols Place

We are against this proposal.

With demolition of Old Nichols building, Naperville would lose Old Nichols Library forever.

The new Nichols Place does not preserve the building at all. Chris McCoy, a respected architect in Lexington KY, offers the following architectural talking points regarding the developer’s proposal:

  • The existing library is totally demolished and only a portion of the facade is recreated on the new building.  This is not preservation in any form.
  • The proposed Front Elevation reconstruction does not match the existing Library.  The windows are significantly different and the proportions and asymmetry of the existing structure are lost.
  • The proposal is dramatically larger and significantly more massive than the old library.  It sits much closer to the street, losing the old library's valuable frontage and green space setback.  It will cut off much more daylight to the adjacent street, park access way along the left side, as well as daylight in the park.  It will significantly impact the pedestrian views, look, and feel of the immediate environment.
  • The proposal does not address the grade change existing presently on the site.  The front steps, stone base of the existing building, and watertable are all lost in the proposed development.  Part of the architectural character of the old library is that it sits on a stone base and watertable as many other old historic structures.